on the rooftops of Saalfelden

Wellness & Saunas

Our sauna on the roofs of Saalfelden offers a small oasis of wellbeing and relaxation.
This includes: a Finnish sauna, a Swiss sauna, an infrared cabin and comfortable lounges in the resting area and on the roof terrace.


The highlight - our sauna gondola on the roof terrace

Our "hot" finnish sauna

Infrared cabin

Steam bath

Panorama relaxation room

Infrared lounges

Tea and juice bar with fresh fruits

Rooftop terrace - above the roofs of Saalfelden

On our roof terrace is our infrared & bio sauna gondola.

In summer the roof terrace is the perfect sundeck. Sun loungers and umbrellas invite you to linger.

Above the roofs of Saalfelden you have a 360 degree panoramic view of the sourrounding mountains.

Wellness services

  • The world of saunas - directly above the rooftops of Saalfelden
  • Panoramic relaxation room
  • Wellness package with a bathrobe and slippers
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and invigorating water
  • A wide choice of herbal and relaxation teas

Massages and treatments

When it comes to peace and relaxation, Günther is the man. Leave all your worries behind and indulge yourself in our rich offer of massages and treatments.

Partial massage

Classical massage: neck, back or legs.

20 min. | Euro 30,–
25 min. | Euro 39,–
30 min. | Euro 45,–

Aroma massage

A gentle full body massage with soothing, essential oils.

40 min. | Euro 63,–

Full Body Massage

A 50-minute full body massage.

50 min. | Euro 65,–

Relaxation massage

Gentle full body massage including a head and face massage.

55 min. | Euro 72,–

Full body massage Alpine Wellness

A 50-minute full massage based on a centuries-old tradition, using naturopathic products from the region! Optionally with alpine herbal balm, marmot oil or Arnikatonikum.

50 min. | Euro 79,–

Facial massage

Treat your face to something special
30 min. | Euro 39,–

Sports massage

Forget about muscle stiffness – this massage will help you alleviate all sports-related tensions.

50 min. | Euro 79,–


All our internal organs are interconnected by a network of thousands of nerve endings. This treatment stimulates these endings, allowing the organs to function in a more relaxed manner. The technique is recommended for people suffering from migraine, digestive disorders and nervousness.

40 min. | Euro 65,–

"Fascination Movement" Balance Alpine 1000+

The newly developed application "Motion Fascination" is part of the Balance Alpine 1000+ method, based on the latest sport and movement science principles. Say goodbye to muscle tightness thanks to the combination of fascia treatment and classical massage.

50 min. | Euro 79,–

Lymphatic drainage

This very gentle massage technique stimulates lymph circulation and helps to unblock the lymph channels. Thanks to its dehydrating effect, it is often used for tear sacs, headache and scarring.

40 min. | Euro 65,–
55 min. | Euro 76,–

Facial lymphatic drainage

30 min. | Euro 49,–


Recommended for people suffering from organ function disorders. By means of special rods, this technique allows to activate various energy channels and create energy balance in the body.

40 min. | Euro 65,–

Intensive Back

A combination of classical massage and hot stone therapy, it is perfect for treating the entire back, including the neck. The heat generated by the stones relaxes the muscles, relieves tensions, increases blood flow and helps to optimize acid/base balance.

50 min. | Euro 79,–

Hot Stone

This technique uses naturally shaped basalt stones, which are heated to approx. 50 ° C. As the heat permeates the skin, relaxation sets in and all muscle stiffness immediately dissolves.  Ideal for people suffering from joint problems, muscle tension and digestive problems.

80 min. | Euro 122,–

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