Die Hindenburg – Traditional house full of life




  • The exact year of construction is not precisely documented. The only evidence is a year 1567 on the 1st floor of the main building.

  •  There is an entry in the old town chronicle according to which the house was designated as a „Stöcklsteinian dwelling with innkeeper-friendly facilities including a wine bar“. It appeared as Gasthaus Neuwirt for a while until Coloman Berka, owner from 1901, ran the house as Gasthof Berka. His great admiration for General Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg led to the current name of Hindenburg. This name has been retained, although the owners and then tenants changed.

  • 1920 Georg Grasberger
    1932 Maria König and
    1956 Leopold Reischenböck as 1st tenant.

  • The Mair family has been the owner of the hotel since 1991. Modifications and renovation work followed in 1992, 2001, 2005 (construction of the congress center with an extension on the one hand in the room wing and, at the same time, the merger with the congress center Saalfelden). A harmonious combination of historical building fabric with modern architecture was achieved.

  • In 2017 the hotel and catering sectors were separated into 2 autonomous operators. A shopping arcade with a bakery was also built on the ground floor. The restaurant was expanded to include a winter garden and a lounge. The winter garden also goes to the hotel business on the first floor as part of the breakfast area.
  • For this purpose, all rooms were renovated, partly converted into apartments and the sauna area adapted over the roofs of Saalfelden.

Again the owner family was very anxious to renovate the listed building in a loving and contemporary way in order to preserve the character of the house and still meet the criteria of a modern **** house.The Hotel, rich in tradition, now shines like a beacon of good taste and quality.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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